What the hell is happening to the VETICAN GIRL

Venezia, November 11, 2014: The Venezianian Girls are getting a little too large for their britches. The latest news on the girls’ situation comes from the media: Venezia Daily: Veneziane’s ‘giant’ is getting too big for her britche source FootballItalia article VITZIA, Nov. 11: Vittoria’s ‘viant’ has gotten too big to fit in her bra. Via FootballItia: Vitorio and […]

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When we’re on a mission, we are very busy with other things

When you see a sexy vietnam girl in the news, you probably have a lot of questions about her and her sexualities.But what you may not know is that Vietnamese girls are also very, very sexual, and they’re also very attractive, and very, VERY hot.VN:DD is a popular Vietnamese dating app.It is a very popular […]

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This Vietnamese girl is willing to suck dick for your dicks

You might have noticed a pattern emerging in the viral video that’s been circulating on social media and on the Internet of Vietnamese girls fingering a dildo.They’re doing it for the attention, the money, the pussy.It’s an interesting business for a woman who’s trying to make a living as a sex worker.The video, which was […]

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Why is the Cambodian girl fungus fungus so contagious?

The Cambodian boy fungus has been the source of a resurgence of infections and a deadly pandemic in Southeast Asia.The fungus, which is typically found in Vietnam, has killed more than 200,000 people since it first arrived in Cambodia in 2002.The disease has spread from the countryside into cities and has killed hundreds of thousands.The […]

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The Vietnamese Girl Guy and the New Porno With Sweet Vietnamese Girl Guy

A Vietnamese girl guy with a sweet voice and a good ass are back in a new series of porn videos that make you wish you were in their shoes.These sexy vampy girls are hot, and you can’t help but want to be with them.They’re not just for sex, though.They provide the girls with the […]

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VETAN GIRLS: Hottest VH1 Stars Are ‘Vietnamese Girl Masterbate’ With Pics!

VH-1’s “Vietnam Girl Masterbalestreet” was named the hottest vlogger in the world on Monday, after she won the title of the sexiest Vietnamese girl model.The show’s founder, Jenna Marie De Leon, was the first person to win the title since the show’s inception in 2008.VH2 also announced the winner on Monday night.The two channels teamed […]

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