‘A little Vietnamese girl’s name’ causes a stir in Vietnam

VIA THE APPLE PAPER A little Vietnamese child’s name is causing a stir among Vietnamese parents in Vietnam.

It’s a name that some people in the country have been using to refer to their own children.

It means “little Vietnamese girl” or “little boy.”

The family name “Vietnamese Girl’s Names” or simply “VGR” is sometimes written with the name “Gai.”

The name has sparked a social media storm in the Vietnamese-American community, prompting many parents to use it to refer their children to each other.

But the name has stirred controversy among other parents who say they feel bullied by others who use the name.

The family, which is named “Gau”, said it was the name of a little girl who was born in the city of Hai Lai.

It has been in the family for nearly 100 years, but the name doesn’t appear on the child’s birth certificate, so it has not been officially recognized by the government.

The little girl’s parents say they want to keep using the name, but that they’re having a hard time because it has become a symbol of discrimination against them.

The name is used by some Vietnamese to refer, or refer to, their own kids.

That’s why it’s been used so much in the community.

They said it’s so disrespectful to refer other Vietnamese parents to their child as “Gao.”

They also said it is a derogatory term for Vietnamese, especially because it’s the name that they use to refer back to their children.

“They’re just using this name as a name to bully other Vietnamese,” said Huy Nhuan, a father and mother in the area.

“And I don’t even want to use this name anymore.”

She said her son and her daughter, who are Vietnamese, have a good relationship.

They have a friend named “Kong” who is Vietnamese, and he is a regular at their school.

But her daughter is a little different, she said.

“She’s like a little child, she’s so small, so I don, I don´t know if I want to say that, she has a lot of trouble using this term.”

She added that she is frustrated by how other parents have reacted to the name and how it has been used.

Huy said she’s been told that it’s an insult to Vietnamese.

“I think that people have to be more careful and careful in the name because it means, you know, they’re Vietnamese, they can’t just be using this.”

A family member in Vietnam says she wants to keep calling her child Gao.

But she says other parents are not as supportive.

“The parents are so afraid of other parents to call their children as Gao because they have to respect the name,” said Nguyen Trong Thi Ngoc.

Nguyen said that she and her husband decided to name their daughter Gao after the name they were given at birth.

“My husband was really upset because my name is so big.

He was like, I’m not going to do that.

We are not going any further than this,” Nguyen said.

A local teacher in the region said he was surprised that many people were using the word “Gua” to refer.

He said he doesn’t think the name is offensive to Vietnamese, but he said he thinks the name should be taken off the child birth certificate.

“It doesn’t make any sense to me that we would use this child name to refer our child to other people,” he said.

Nguyen says the name shouldn’t be used in the same way that the Vietnamese are used to referring to each others’ children.

The teacher said he would never call a child “Little Vietnamese Girl” because that is an insult.

The teachers’ daughter is 6 years old and has been named “Vio.”

She has an English name.

She’s also a member of the Cambodian-American and Vietnamese-Chinese communities, said Nguyen.

“But the name does not have any significance to us in any way,” she said of the name being used.

She added she is disappointed that people are using the names and saying that they are insulting.

“We have to understand that it is not a name we would want to have on our children’s birth certificates,” Nguyen told ABC News.

“Because if they do, they would be using it against them.”

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