Average Vietnamese girls have an average time to meet with their vietnaman boyfriends

VICHIENNE, Vietnam (AP) Vietnamese women say average Vietnamese girls are not that interested in meeting men.

They say the average is only one or two weeks.

The average time for meeting a boyfriend is about one to two months.

Vietnamese parents worry that if Vietnamese girls go to meet their boyfriends, their families could be embarrassed and blamed.

They say their boys often treat their wives and daughters like second-class citizens.

But one Vietnamese mom says it’s the girls who deserve the blame.

“They should be ashamed of themselves.

We need to talk about what they are doing,” said Ms. Ngoc Loan, whose daughter was born in the city of Hue in the south.”

It’s just not right.”

The AP spoke with several Vietnamese women and men who say the girls they met with in Vietnam did not want to date Vietnamese men.

Vidya Nguyen, who lives in Hue, says her daughters had not heard from Vietnamese men in six months.

“They have never even come to my house to see me,” she said.

Vinh Ngoc, a teacher at a Vietnamese-language school in Hue told the AP her daughters met Vietnamese men at least once a month.

“My daughters have never met a Vietnamese man and never will,” she told the news agency.

Vlad, a 23-year-old who has lived in Hue for about six years, said his daughters met a few Vietnamese men on the Vietnamese side of the border and only when they moved to the U.S. in 2015.

They have not met a boyfriend in more than a year.

Vie Thanh Nguyen, a 26-year old who has a Vietnamese boyfriend, says Vietnamese girls do not want Vietnamese men to meet them.

“My daughters met two men last year and they never came to meet me,” he said.

“But it’s not the same.

They want their Vietnamese boyfriends to come back to visit them.”

He said his daughter, who was born to Vietnamese parents, has been dating a Vietnamese couple for four months and has not met anyone.

The Vietnamese government does not track how many Vietnamese and Vietnamese-American men are living in the U, or the numbers of Vietnamese women who are dating Vietnamese men, nor do they track how Vietnamese-Americans are marrying Vietnamese men or staying with Vietnamese men who are marrying American men.

The government did not respond to an AP inquiry about the gender breakdown of Vietnamese men and Vietnamese women in the United States.

In the 1970s and 1980s, Vietnamese-born men were able to settle in the States without any fear of harassment or discrimination.

Now, the Vietnamese community in the US is being squeezed by more immigration restrictions and higher costs.

The AP contacted two Vietnamese-origin men in Texas who had met their Vietnamese partners and had met Vietnamese women.

Neither spoke with the AP.

Both men said they have not had a boyfriend since their marriages to Vietnamese women, but they say their wives still live in Vietnam.

They both said they do not plan to return to Vietnam.

The Associated Press reached out to the two men and asked for their response to the AP’s questions.

Both said they would speak with the media.

“I want to talk to my daughter,” said one of the men.

“She has not told me anything.

My daughter is the one who is not talking to me.

I just want to tell her I love her.”

The other man said he wants to tell his wife about their marriage.

He said he will keep his mouth shut until his wife does.

“She can talk to me about the relationship, she can talk about the marriage,” he told the Associated Press.

“But she will not talk to us.”

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