‘The Girls’ Season 4 Has Been Rated ‘Mature’ By PornHub’s New Rating System

The Girls, a series that first aired on Adult Swim in 2010, had its premiere on the popular streaming site on Monday night and will be re-aired on the site for another three weeks.Pornhub, the leading destination for adult content, is the first of the major tech companies to be forced to take a hard […]

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What we know about the deadly, anti-Semitic attacks in the U.S. and Europe from the cartoons

The cartoons in question have since been removed from the websites of the French and French-language news sites, The Telegraph reported.The cartoons were published in March 2017, but were removed in April 2017.They featured a young Vietnamese girl with her mouth taped shut and a caption reading, “Vietnamese people deserve to be raped.”The French website […]

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This Vietnamese girl is willing to suck dick for your dicks

You might have noticed a pattern emerging in the viral video that’s been circulating on social media and on the Internet of Vietnamese girls fingering a dildo.They’re doing it for the attention, the money, the pussy.It’s an interesting business for a woman who’s trying to make a living as a sex worker.The video, which was […]

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‘A little Vietnamese girl’s name’ causes a stir in Vietnam

VIA THE APPLE PAPER A little Vietnamese child’s name is causing a stir among Vietnamese parents in Vietnam.It’s a name that some people in the country have been using to refer to their own children.It means “little Vietnamese girl” or “little boy.”The family name “Vietnamese Girl’s Names” or simply “VGR” is sometimes written with the […]

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The vietnamese girl glasses have been downsized

It looks like a girl’s glasses could be coming down in size.Vogue published an article today about a fashion company that’s trying to downsize its glasses to fit in with the current fashion trend.The glasses will reportedly be available in four colors and will have a frame made from 100% cotton, which will be made […]

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When a Vietnamese girl was kidnapped by her kidnappers and brought to the US, the internet reacted with fury.

The story of a Vietnamese-American girl being kidnapped by men in a van in California is one that is all too familiar for many.In September 2015, the 16-year-old girl was abducted from her home in California.Her parents and two brothers were arrested, and police say that she was sexually assaulted, beaten and left in a […]

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