Glass is not a gift, but a curse for girls

Glass is an eyewear that was made by Google to help users interact with computers and smartphones.

But it’s been blamed by some girls for contributing to the problem of “female invisibility” and “male-only privilege” in education and health.

In an interview with The Guardian, the head of Glass’ maker, Google, said that Glass had been misunderstood.

“Glass is a great tool for a great many things but one of them is to help us create a conversation that is a little bit more inclusive, a little more open, and a little less patronising,” Glass co-founder Palmer Luckey said.

But some girls have felt the negative impact.

“It’s a big burden for the girls who wear Glass,” said one young Vietnamese college student.

“There are girls who can’t even walk into a store without being asked if they want a glass.

Glass has made me think, ‘What are they even thinking?'”

One student, who asked to be identified only as Jane, said: “It has a very different meaning to what it was meant to be used for.”

‘It’s been misunderstood’ “There’s a huge backlash to Glass” from women who have used the technology, she said.

“They say, ‘Why did you make it for girls?’.

They’re really ignorant of the role Glass has played in their lives.”

But Glass isn’t just about the technology; it’s also a powerful tool for many people.

It has become a symbol of equality and freedom of expression, and is often used by young people to build friendships.

Some of those who have found success using Glass say they have found that “glass is the way of the future” for many young people, who have been left behind.

“For me, Glass is the most powerful symbol of gender equality, empowerment, and empowerment of women and girls,” said another young Vietnamese student.

While some girls are using Glass to build their own social networks and social spaces, others are experimenting with the product and its accompanying social media platforms, including Twitter, Snapchat, Facebook, and Instagram.

Some young people are starting their own businesses to help make their own money.

“A lot of people have found their own work,” said Jane, a university student from the Vietnamese province of Hanoi.

“I’m a student entrepreneur now, and I’m doing a lot of social media.

It’s not just about Glass.”

“It is not the same as a business, and it is not going to change the world, it’s just a tool.”

Glass can be a challenge for young women The technology can be difficult to use for girls, who are often asked what their favourite things are in Glass.

For many, it can feel like an “old fashioned” way to communicate.

“People who are interested in girls’ brains and body language often ask what’s up with this Glass-like device,” said the student who asked for anonymity.

“And then they try to ask girls if they are happy with their bodies.”

One young Vietnamese girl who said she was looking for a way to make money from Glass said: ‘I’m trying to find a way out of the Glass problem.’

“I do have a lot to learn about Glass and Glass and what it is and what its limitations are, and that’s where my curiosity lies,” she said, adding that she hoped to eventually become a Glass wearer.

“The technology is not for everyone, but it is a tool and a tool has to be interesting to people.”

Some women are also frustrated by the limited tools that they can use to communicate with Glass.

“What’s the difference between me talking to a friend on Snapchat and a friend using Glass?” one young woman asked.

“Because Glass is a social device, you can’t talk to your friends on a daily basis.”

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