How did you become a vietnam girl?

I was born in New South Wales and grew up in Sydney, a place where I learnt to make music.

The first song I ever made was a cover of the Australian national anthem and I used to go to the club and listen to it a lot.

Then I realised that I liked to dance, so I started making my own stuff.

I was in school for two years before I left for the US and I moved to LA, where I had to go through school, so there wasn’t much music in the school.

My first song was called ‘I’m Vonglade’ and it’s about a girl who’s on the road to get out of Vietnam.

Then we had a girl called ‘Gorgeous Vietnamese Girls’ which was about a Vietnamese girl and a group of them were having fun, making music, getting to know each other.

The other girls had been doing that for a long time and I thought, “How could I make something that is so popular and has a lot of fans?”

So I got a studio, a turntable, and started making music.

It was like an instant success.

It became a hit and it was a big hit in LA.

It sold like 200,000 copies.

That’s when I started to get involved with other artists.

I had a friend of mine from LA who had started a band called ‘The Vongls’ and he was the first one I made a record with, and he had a new song called ‘Panda’ and I had my first record out called ‘You’ve Been Loving Me’.

They had this guy called D.B. Johnson and I remember thinking, “Wow, he’s not going to like this song.

I have to get into the studio with him to make this song.”

So we had our first meeting, we recorded ‘Puppy’ and that was it.

I met him and we started making songs together and he just loved the vibe of making music together.

He loved the whole process of it.

He had this passion for it, so we were going to make a record together.

We were going into the studios and he’s going, “Oh my god, you’re not going do that.”

He’s like, “You’ve been singing this song for two months already, why do you think I’m doing this?”

And I’m like, [laughing] “Oh, because you want to be in the studio?”

I’m just like, what the hell?

He’s a real musician, and I’m not a musician.

I’m going, oh my God, this is crazy.

We went into the same studio and we recorded that and he loved it.

We made that record and that became the first record we made, and then we did ‘The Velvet Underground’, ‘The Beatles’, and ‘All Along The Watchtower’ which is another record I recorded with that band called the Pink Floyd.

I think that’s when the name ‘Velvet Underground’ started to come out.

I went on tour with ‘Vinyl’ and ‘Vocals’ and did a whole bunch of stuff with ‘All Together Now’.

It was an amazing time and then I got the chance to do something with the ‘Vox’, so I was like, Oh, man, this shit is good.

The next thing I know I’m making ‘Vogue’ and all these other bands are like, You’re the Vogue.

That was when I became famous.

I started doing all these shows and then it was like ‘Oh my God!’

It was a huge thing.

I felt like I had the whole world in my hands and I was going to be the biggest.

It wasn’t until ‘I Got The Blues’ that I was really in the limelight.

It’s when you have a record that sells so much, it’s like the end of a journey.

I just wanted to make that record, so it was fun, but I also wanted to be famous.

You know, when you’re making a record, you have to go on the tour and tour with the band, and you have so many different people behind you that you don’t know who they are.

I’ve never been in a band and had to put in work with so many people and I just kind of sat back and watched it happen.

I always thought, well, I don’t want to put that much work in to it, but if I put it in to the record I’ll be famous, right?

I guess I was thinking, ‘Well, I’ll just do it as a hobby and I’ll have the money and I can just go to Europe and be famous.’

I thought that was the end.

It just kept going and going and I couldn’t believe how successful it was.

I made it to

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