How to fight for your rights in Vietnam

When I came to Vietnam I was 21.

It was the most difficult time in my life, and I was a refugee from a country where my family was persecuted for being Muslim.

But I was able to come here and find a life of freedom, independence and dignity.

I had a good school, and friends.

And I went to college.

I graduated from high school in 2015.

I went on to study in New York University.

It wasn’t the easiest experience, but I’m proud of what I’ve done.

My journey in Vietnam began when I was 16, when I arrived in the country by plane.

I knew I wanted to be a journalist, so I applied to all the big TV shows and films.

But my dream was just to get to know the people.

It didn’t happen.

It seemed to me that the people were always interested in me.

I came to the United States in 2015, in hopes of having a career.

It’s always difficult to be an outsider in this country.

I was afraid to go to interviews because of how I looked.

I wasn’t very confident, but eventually I made the choice to take up journalism.

I didn’t have the best start in journalism, but my dream of becoming a journalist did not change when I left Vietnam.

I am proud of the work I did.

I’ve also learned a lot from it, and it’s helped me grow as a journalist.

Vietnam is still struggling with its history of conflict.

And the current government, led by President Tran Dai Quang, is not willing to listen to Vietnamese voices.

So I have a difficult job in Vietnam.

I want to tell you about my experience in Vietnam, as well as the challenges I have faced in reporting and the fact that there are so many people who are suffering from the same issues that I have.

First, I’m afraid to be in Vietnam because of the security situation.

There are so much violence.

I have had to stay in hotels and apartments because of violence.

The people are not afraid of violence in Vietnam anymore.

The only thing they don’t like is when the police show up.

There were people who tried to assassinate Tran, and they got away.

I saw people being killed and wounded.

I couldn’t report about it because I didn’t want to cause a problem.

My parents are also afraid to come to Vietnam.

They don’t know how I was brought here.

My brother is in a detention center, but his parents are not allowed to visit him because of his nationality.

When I went back to Vietnam, I had to get visas from Vietnam’s Foreign Ministry.

My sister and I were trying to get a visa for my sister’s wedding, but they refused.

When my sister and my sister-in-law were coming to Vietnam to attend the wedding, they were told by the embassy that they couldn’t go because they are Vietnamese.

They said that they are from Cambodia, but we know they are not Cambodians.

My mother was very upset.

My father is in Vietnam now.

The embassy was very helpful.

But the worst part of the situation was when I got to New York, and when I went there I was very scared.

I think that I was in a situation where my mind was going crazy.

I don’t want my family to be afraid of me, but the Vietnamese authorities have not allowed me to leave the country.

The Vietnamese authorities don’t allow me to speak Vietnamese.

I cannot use a cellphone in Vietnam without a translator.

My only phone is an American one, and that’s why I have to ask for permission from my father.

I had a very difficult time adjusting to the new situation in Vietnam after my trip to Vietnam last year.

I spent a lot of time in hotels.

It took me a long time to get used to the fact of being in a country.

Now, I am very used to it.VN: Did you find it easier in Vietnam than in America?

M: It’s difficult because I’m not used to American society.

I don’t speak English, so when I speak Vietnamese to people, they don.

In Vietnam, they are more friendly, but it is not the same.

In America, they see a foreigner as an outsider.

There is a big difference.

In my experience, it was easier for me because I am from a minority.

In the United Nations, people of color are discriminated against.

The U.N. doesn’t treat them with the same respect as other races.

But they don-t treat me differently because I was Vietnamese.

The way the U.S. treats me in terms of racial discrimination is not right.

It is wrong.

And this is why people have been fleeing from Vietnam for so long.VNs: Do you have any regrets from the experience?

M.V.P.: I wish I could say that I am not responsible for what happened in Vietnam during my

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