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A Vietnamese girl from a small town in the Vietnamese capital, Vientiane, got her first taste of love when she met a man who was born in the same village and came to the US as a child.

Her name is Kao Nguyen.

She was born with a rare genetic condition called microcephaly.

The condition is so rare that it can be difficult to find a sample of it in the world.

But this rare genetic disorder is not only fatal, but also extremely rare in Vietnam, which has about 3 million people.

Microcephylis is also extremely common in the US.

According to the National Institutes of Health, the US has about 1,200 microcepels for every 1,000,000 people.

This means that a person who has one microcepel is twice as likely to have microcefasion.

This means that in the United States, about 6 percent of children have microcephalic babies.

Kao Nguyen, who is from the village of Dong Da, has two children who have micros, which means they have a difference in brain development.

Kao, a single mother with two children, was told she needed to find another boy to take care of her kids and take care the farm.

When she was 19, Kao had a rare test and was diagnosed with microcepheus, a rare gene that makes the body produce a protein called microgene.

But she had a genetic mutation that made her body produce an even rarer protein called a microgli.

This protein, which is found in all animals, is the protein that gives microcephytes their physical traits.

Koa said her genes were not affected by her mutation.

“I had a lot of trouble in school, I didn’t understand English, but when I was in Vietnam I was very well educated,” Kao said.

She said she had to learn English because she couldn’t speak it at home.

Koa Nguyen, right, meets her future husband, Thuy Tran, during a tour of the village she was born to.

Courtesy of Kao and her husband Thuy Nguyen.

The couple moved to the United Kingdom, where Kao worked as a waitress at a Thai restaurant.

But when she returned to Vietnam in 2019, her father said she needed help to raise her kids.

She said she could not afford it, so she decided to try to get a visa to visit the United State.

“When we got to the consulate, they told us they couldn’t do anything because we have this rare condition,” she said.

Koe Nguyen said she has no idea how much she has to pay, but she hopes to be able to visit her family in the States someday.

“The only thing I know is that I need to be there,” Koe said.

“I can’t see my children or my family, so I just need to do this.”

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