How to name a chubby Vietnamese girl

A chubby girl named Chi is an example of a Vietnamese girl named by her parents and a public figure.

Chi’s parents, Nguyen and Thi Huynh, are Vietnamese immigrants who immigrated to the United States from Vietnam in the 1970s.

Thi was a chef and an art teacher at the prestigious University of Southern California before her husband, Nguyen, became a businessman and took up residence in Virginia.

Thi later became a successful lawyer and a member of the Vietnamese American community.

He is also a Vietnam veteran who served in the Vietnam War.

His children, Nguyen Huyn, 16, and Tha Huyn and Pham Van, 13, are also American citizens.

Tha and Nguyen have been the parents of Chico, an 11-year-old who is named for the famous Chico Siegel song “Chico, You’re Chucky” (from “The Color Purple”).

Chico’s father, Nguyen Hoang, who is Vietnamese, told the Associated Press he hopes his daughter will one day be able to go to college and become an American citizen.

He said he wanted to name her after the famous song and to make her feel proud of her heritage and the U.S. “She’s my little girl, my little princess.”

Nguyen Hoang said he thought his daughter’s name was too mean. “

But then I heard the video and I realized it was actually a little bit too mean and insensitive.”

Nguyen Hoang said he thought his daughter’s name was too mean.

“I had no idea it would go viral.

And when it did, I was like, ‘I hope you find a good name for your child.'”

When she was a baby, she had a nickname that she would give her family.

“My mom used to call me the Choco,” she said.

Chico is not the only Vietnamese girl in the spotlight.

The name “Sassy” was also popularized by American singer Amy Winehouse, who was born and raised in Vietnam.

Winehouse is the wife of former President Jimmy Carter and the daughter of a U.N. peacekeeper.

She was in Vietnam when the U toil was in its heyday in the late 1970s and early 1980s.

But while Vietnamese Americans are famous, there is a cultural divide.

In the United Kingdom, the name of the nation’s only chinese opera singer, Chie Hsien, is pronounced “Chai-lee,” which is a name for a Vietnamese woman, not a woman of color.

In Vietnam, people often use the term “Vietnamese,” but in Vietnam, that’s not what the name means.

The Vietnamese community in the U;s south is very divided over whether or not they should adopt the name “Chi” or not.

The Associated Press contacted Thi and Nguyen to find out what they thought of Chihan’s name.

In an interview, Nguyen said his name is a tribute to his mother.

“My mom was a Vietnamese lady.

She’s like my aunt.

She never had a name,” Nguyen said.”

She called me Chih, but she didn’t use the name Chie,” Nguyen added.

Nguyen also said his wife was very supportive of his decision to name his daughter after “Chocochocolate,” a Vietnamese chocolate dessert made with chocolates from the country’s most famous dessert, Chocolat.

Chihan and Chocolacochocolates is named after a chocolatier who owned Chocochocolats in Vietnam and sold them in the United Sates.

Chocolate and Choco are two words that mean “black,” Nguyen Hoan said.

Nguyen said he has been a lifelong vegetarian and that he hopes to be a vegetarian one day.

He said he does not eat meat.

“If I could go back, I would eat pork, but that’s just something that I’m not comfortable with,” Nguyen told the AP.

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