How to protect your child from online abuse

Posted October 08, 2018 11:23:30 A 16-year-old Vietnamese girl has revealed she was targeted by online abuse after posting an Instagram picture of herself holding a child’s hand.

A video posted on the social media platform shows the teenager holding a baby, with the caption: “I’m so proud of this baby, I think this is my baby.”

The teenager, whose name has not been revealed, posted the video to Instagram in April last year.

In the video, the teenager can be seen holding a white plastic cup with a red and black logo on the side.

A caption on the video states: “This is my first baby.

I wanted a white one, so I made a cup and filled it with water.

I was so excited.”

The teenager’s father said he was initially surprised by the video.

“I saw the baby and I thought: ‘Oh my God, what is this?'” the father told AFP news agency.

“But it’s not a normal video.”

He said his daughter had posted the photo in the hope it would be shared widely.

“It’s a little embarrassing for the family, but I’m just proud of her,” he said.

In response to the criticism, the father said the girl was now using social media to promote his daughter’s hobby.

“She’s a model and she wants to be famous and she wanted to make money,” he told AFP.

“We don’t know why people are so angry with her.”

The girl, who has not received any support from her family, said she has not given up hope and has now started learning Vietnamese.

“When I was young I did not speak Vietnamese, but now I am very good at it,” she told AFP, adding she hopes to one day learn to speak the language.

She also said she would now “put her whole heart and soul” into her hobby.

The father of the girl said he did not want her to be bullied online.

“This girl is a good person, she loves her country and she is just doing her own thing,” he explained.

“If she’s going to do something, she will do it professionally and professionally with a professional photographer and a professional team.”

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