How to tell if a Vietnamese girl scout is ‘a virgin’

The Globe and Mail’s Vogue Cambodia series featured a Cambodian girl scout who said she has had “no sexual experiences” and “was never touched by a man”.

But she also revealed she has been bullied and sexually assaulted in the past.

CBC News spoke with a Vietnamese woman who said her 15-year-old daughter is a virgin.

Vietnamese Girl Scout: I’m not a virgin, I’m the only one, she said.

“I’ve been bullied, I’ve been sexually assaulted, I was forced to have an abortion,” the girl scout said in a video posted online.

“My family’s always told me that I’m a virgin and that I should marry a boy, and now I have a son.

And I’m very angry.”

A few years ago, the girl said she received a call from her mother, who said the school was trying to recruit her daughter.

The school told her that her daughter was “unwilling to commit to a relationship”.

The school also told the girl that if she wanted to stay in the school, she needed to sign a contract that she would not have sexual relations with anyone other than her daughter, and she would need to sign another document that she could not see or hear.

I don’t want to leave, she told her mother.

She said she’s been in the military for a year.

The girl said her mother was so upset that she tried to call the school and report the incident to the police, but they wouldn’t help her.

She also said she doesn’t feel comfortable telling her family or friends about her life as a virgin because of the stigma surrounding it.

When she first heard about the bullying and sexual assault, she was horrified.

But she said she still has no regrets.

“I don´t want to have to change my mind about my virginity,” she said in the video.

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