What’s happening with Viki in Canada?

Viki is the name of a Vietnamese Facebook page that has been banned in Canada, following a Facebook post from a member of the group who described himself as a “fucking whore”.The post went viral in Canada on Thursday, when it was shared more than 50,000 times.“Viki was created in 2014 as a social networking […]

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‘Nepal’ – Naughty Vietnamese Girls and the Future of Porn – Fortune

The following article originally appeared on Fortune.com.Subscribe today.The following is the story of a Vietnamese girl who goes by the name Nepal and is a vampiric performer and starlet.Her name is Nguyen Thanh Nguyen.Nguyen Thanhr Nguyen is one of the hottest vampirs in Vietnam, and her popularity has spread to other countries as well.She performs […]

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‘I was like, this is something I really love’: ‘I would never do this to anyone’: Teenager’s video of naughtiness after being arrested for kissing a Vietnamese girl

The girl was sitting on the floor of a restaurant in Hanoi when a waiter came by to order a cup of coffee.She didn’t even look up to ask for it, but instead sat down in front of the window, a smile on her face.She looked up to the waiter, and smiled back.“Oh, I’m so […]

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Why do women wear their hair down?

In this article, we talk about why women in Western societies have been wearing their hair up for so long. We talk about what makes a hairstyle work, and why it is that certain hairstyles are more likely to be perceived as attractive.We also talk about some examples of hairstyles that are deemed to be more […]

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