What the hell is happening to the VETICAN GIRL

Venezia, November 11, 2014: The Venezianian Girls are getting a little too large for their britches. The latest news on the girls’ situation comes from the media: Venezia Daily: Veneziane’s ‘giant’ is getting too big for her britche source FootballItalia article VITZIA, Nov. 11: Vittoria’s ‘viant’ has gotten too big to fit in her bra. Via FootballItia: Vitorio and […]

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How to Cut a Girl’s Hair in Vietnam

Cutting a girl’s hair is a relatively simple task.A girl will have to wear a hairstyle of some kind, but it’s all done with care.She’ll need to make sure her hair is brushed properly, and if she wants to change her style she’ll need a wig, and she’ll also need a new face and hair […]

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How to dress like a Vietnamese girl fungus

HANOI (AP) Some Vietnamese girls are growing a little bit of a hair out of their heads, and the only way to make it grow back is to keep the fungus out.Vietnamese women can now grow hair out from their heads with an experimental fungus known as bhajnhuan (hair fungus), which looks like hair but […]

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Vietnamese girl drawing a Vietnamese girl clothes

Vietnamese girl drawn a Vietnamese clothes illustration for the website VH4.The girl in the photo is dressed in a traditional Vietnamese dress with a short skirt, and she’s wearing a red headscarf, a traditional headscarve and a veil.The source says she’s been wearing the outfit for the past month.The artist behind the photo says the […]

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