What if you could have a baby with any sex?

I got the first chance to see a baby girl from Vietnam this week.She was born on April 9 and weighed 7.8 pounds, which was much more than my 8.1-pound baby girl, but still not enough to make me weep.She is called Mude.Mude is Vietnamese for “big sister.”She is a 10-month-old who weighs 6.4 pounds, […]

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Vietnamese girls pretty and fat, half vietnam girl, vietnian girl 0

Vietnamese girls really look pretty and really fat, according to new research.The study by the Centre for Global Change (CGC) shows that in Vietnam, there are now around 7.6 million girls under the age of 15.In comparison, the United States has around 8 million girls.But the study has implications for what is known as the […]

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How to make Vietnamese girl grind at home: How to get the girl’s body in the grind!

My favorite part of this recipe is the Vietnamese girl’s fat, and I am really glad I did not have to cook it myself!Vietnamese girl fat can be purchased online and in Asian markets, which are usually very affordable, or you can buy it at a grocery store.The only way to make it is to […]

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How to name a chubby Vietnamese girl

A chubby girl named Chi is an example of a Vietnamese girl named by her parents and a public figure.Chi’s parents, Nguyen and Thi Huynh, are Vietnamese immigrants who immigrated to the United States from Vietnam in the 1970s.Thi was a chef and an art teacher at the prestigious University of Southern California before her […]

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