Long Beach girl speaks Vichuanese, Tall Vietnamese Girls

Long Beach, Calif.— The Long Beach Police Department is investigating after a tall Vietnamese girl spoke English in a video posted online of her talking to a woman in a park.The video, shot on a cellphone by the girl’s mother, was uploaded by a woman who said the girl, whose name was not released, told […]

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How to watch the Vietnamese girl fight for her life

VICTORIA — A 19-year-old Vietnamese girl is fighting for her lives after being attacked and nearly decapitated by her own mother.Vietnamese parents of the young woman say they had never heard of such an incident and the girl has been placed on life support.The mother, Phan Thanh Thanh, was arrested Sunday after she was accused […]

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Why is the Cambodian girl fungus fungus so contagious?

The Cambodian boy fungus has been the source of a resurgence of infections and a deadly pandemic in Southeast Asia.The fungus, which is typically found in Vietnam, has killed more than 200,000 people since it first arrived in Cambodia in 2002.The disease has spread from the countryside into cities and has killed hundreds of thousands.The […]

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‘You can’t keep her in your house’: Vietnamese girl fights back after she says she was ‘slapped by a police officer’

VANGUARD VENOM, Vietnam — The girl who was beaten and thrown from a window of her house has now been awarded more than $1,000 in damages by a court in Vietnam.Her lawyer told local media that the woman’s injuries were “unbearable” and that her lawyer was not satisfied with the compensation awarded to her.The woman, […]

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