VETAN GIRLS: Hottest VH1 Stars Are ‘Vietnamese Girl Masterbate’ With Pics!

VH-1’s “Vietnam Girl Masterbalestreet” was named the hottest vlogger in the world on Monday, after she won the title of the sexiest Vietnamese girl model.

The show’s founder, Jenna Marie De Leon, was the first person to win the title since the show’s inception in 2008.

VH2 also announced the winner on Monday night.

The two channels teamed up for the season premiere, featuring four girls and two models from different regions of the world.

The “Virtually American” and “Vivacious Vogue” seasons were broadcast simultaneously on VH.

The top three finalists will be crowned in the show.

“I’ve never had a Vogue-type show before,” said De Leon.

“So it’s really exciting.”

VH said in a statement that “the most interesting aspect of the contest is the diversity of voices.

We’ve had a great partnership with Jenna Marie and the Vogue team and are excited to continue to bring viewers to more Vogue videos.”

The first episode of “Viva Vu” was broadcast on July 10.

The second episode will air on July 12.

“VIVA VU” was the top-rated vlog in both adults 18-49 and viewers 18-34, according to Nielsen data.

“In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Jenna told me that she’d never worked with a vlog before, but that she was excited to be a part of it and was inspired by her experience in Hollywood, where she’d worked as a model,” VH added.

“Her goal is to be as authentic as possible and she believes that the Viva Vu show is just the beginning.”

De Leon added that she plans to create a line of adult vlogs.

“We’re already working on some new adult videos that will be exclusive to Viva Vu,” she said.

“But the focus is to continue bringing authentic content to our community.”

The show was created by Jenna Marie’s sister, Veda De Leon in 2016.

De Leon is a VHTV executive producer and VH’s senior vlog editor.

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