Vietnamese girls’ names, names, and meanings

Vietnamese Girl Names, Names, and Values, Volume II, by Kathleen H. Brown, is the latest in a series of books on Vietnamese girl names.

The first volume, The Phonetic Alphabet of Vietnamese Girl Names and Names of the Vietnamese, is now available from

This new volume contains an extensive survey of the phonetic alphabet of Vietnamese girl name usage, with over 200 different varieties.

A chapter entitled Vietnamese Girl Name Usage, by the same author, is also available.

The Phonset Alphabet of English-Vietnamese, also by Brown, lists over 70 different varieties of the alphabet.

I will give a short summary of the book and then provide links to the full text.

(1) The Phontic Alphabet of Vowels, Phonetics, and Phonology: Vietnamese Girls Names, by Katherine Brown, Ph.

D., is a detailed, illustrated survey of Vietnamese girls names.

This book is well worth the $20.00 price tag.

The book includes a list of 100,000 vowel sounds and some phonetic analysis.

There are several chapters on phonetic characters, and one chapter on the phonetics of vowels, with extensive discussion of the sounds that make up the syllable system of the language.

(2) Vietnamese Girl Phoneme Classification, by Kathy A. Clements, Ph,D, is an excellent introduction to Vietnamese girl naming.

This is a comprehensive, highly readable book.

The author is a Vietnam specialist, who is the author of a book about the phoneme classification system.

(3) Vietnamese Man Phonemes, by Nancy P. S. Pouy, Ph.,D, Phyllis C. H. Pye, Phd, is a good reference book for all Vietnamese people, regardless of language.

This comprehensive reference book is available at Amazon.

The language in this book is spoken in Vietnamese, but the authors have taken pains to explain the phonemic distinctions.

(4) Vietnamese Woman Phonemic Classification, is another good reference work.

This text is available online, and is based on a study by Phyllys C. P. Houghton and Nancy P, S.P. Puy.

The authors give excellent explanations of the distinctions between consonants and vowels in Vietnamese.

(5) The phonetic classification system of Vietnamese is discussed, and the phonological and phonetic differences are highlighted.

This section discusses some of the basic phonetic principles of the system.

It also discusses the phonemes used in the Vietnamese language.

I recommend this book for anyone who is interested in understanding Vietnamese, or anyone interested in learning more about the Vietnamese Language.

The Book of Names, also published by Phytological Books, is written by an expert on Vietnamese phonetic systems.

The sections on phonetics, phonetic character, and phonemic characters are interesting, and I recommend reading them in detail.

The text is divided into chapters, with each chapter containing an analysis of some of these phonemic elements.

It includes a section on the Phonological Classification System, with a brief description of phonemics.

It is available in English and Vietnamese.

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Phy-Ph Phyl.


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