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Vietnamese girls really look pretty and really fat, according to new research.

The study by the Centre for Global Change (CGC) shows that in Vietnam, there are now around 7.6 million girls under the age of 15.

In comparison, the United States has around 8 million girls.

But the study has implications for what is known as the ‘girl gap’ – the fact that girls in Vietnam do not have the same opportunities as boys.

Vulnerable Girls Vulnerable girls are those who are either extremely or extremely low socio-economic status (SES) and are considered to be less capable of contributing to the success of their families.

Many Vietnamese girls suffer from SES and are often considered to have low social skills.

The researchers say that for these girls, the opportunity to contribute to their families is often limited.

According to the CGC, these girls represent the ‘missing middle’.

This means that they do not participate in school activities or are excluded from sports activities.

These girls are often more likely to live in poor areas, and to be sexually abused and neglected.

This means they are less likely to get married and more likely suffer from mental health problems.

The Vietnamese government, which is keen to ensure that women’s equality is achieved, is currently promoting a ‘virginity policy’ aimed at helping to combat the rise in ‘sexual violence’ in the country.

But there is still an important gap in access to education and opportunities for girls in the public sector, the researchers say.

They also point out that some women in the Vietnamese society do not see themselves as ‘virgins’ or ‘sluts’ and so do not seek to change their sexual behaviour, in the same way that the Vietnamese men in the study did not want to change theirs.

There is also a gender gap in health care and healthcare services, which the researchers also report.

‘Gender inequality’ is often used to describe a lack of equality between men and women in terms of the amount of money and social status they enjoy.

But while some Vietnamese women have access to health care, they are still disproportionately at risk of poor health outcomes.

The CGC report says that the gender inequality gap is even wider in the education system, which does not provide equal opportunities to girls and women.

There are also concerns about the impact of economic inequality on health, especially the social and environmental costs.

In the past decade, Vietnam has been ranked number two on the World Health Organization’s Global Status Report.

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