What Happens When You Get Naked in Thailand’s Nudist Town?

We’re not sure if it’s a tourist trap, or if it could even happen.

The tourist trap in question is a popular tourist destination in Chiang Mai, Thailand, where people of all ages flock to enjoy nude sunbathing.

But as we all know, there’s a lot more to Thailand than the beaches.

There are also plenty of laws on the books, and nudity is often illegal, especially in the capital.

In fact, it’s one of the biggest offenders when it comes to the law.

It’s been reported that some of the country’s biggest companies, including banks and power companies, have had their nude photo shoots cut off.

The problem has also been noted in the recent government crackdown on the online porn industry.

Now, the Thai nudist paradise of Chiang Kai Shek, located in a mountainous region of the southern province of Pattaya, is trying to change all that.

There’s a big plan to change the law in the area.

The Thai government has proposed the creation of a tourism authority and it is expected to make it legal for everyone to enjoy naked sunbathes, in case the city is not ready for the change.

“In our town, we don’t have any problems because it’s very quiet.

We can’t go outside.

There isn’t much noise.

We don’t need any visitors,” said Thamrit, who asked that we not use her last name.

She added that there’s no pressure from authorities to make the nudist town into a nudist resort.

She said they just want the people to relax.

In her hometown, Thammit is a young, smart woman who just got married.

She’s just finished high school, and she’s already been working for the city’s tourism department since she started her job.

She told us that the idea of a nude beach in Chichayul was just something that she’d seen in other places.

“We don’t like the idea that the tourists are taking pictures of us.

It makes us nervous,” she said.

In a village called Maital, a few miles from Chiang Kaen city, there are several small businesses in the surrounding area, but it’s difficult to find anyone who can help us get a permit to get a spot on the beach.

There is also a large market for the local produce, which is also hard to find.

It would take us about an hour to drive down the highway to get to the beach, and the sun is a bit too hot for the area, so we can’t really get a tan.

We were told that there are plenty of people willing to get on the board, but they need to be a little older, or even younger, than we are.

The main reason for the proposal is that it’s been said that people are tired of the laws surrounding nude sunbathers.

“It is the reason why we decided to open the beach,” said Chumkath, who declined to give his last name because he was afraid of repercussions from the government.

We have also seen other nudist resorts around the world that have tried to introduce nudity in some form, including in Thailand.

But the Chiang Koh Phong nudist community has decided to be bolder.

“The idea is to bring nudity back to the beaches, and bring people together,” said Phumkatha.

“So now we’re going to create a new type of tourist destination,” he added.

This story was produced by VICE News, a global news organization based in New York.

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