When a Vietnamese girl was kidnapped by her kidnappers and brought to the US, the internet reacted with fury.

The story of a Vietnamese-American girl being kidnapped by men in a van in California is one that is all too familiar for many.

In September 2015, the 16-year-old girl was abducted from her home in California.

Her parents and two brothers were arrested, and police say that she was sexually assaulted, beaten and left in a motel room with an unconscious man.

Her kidnappers also tried to have her killed.

They said she would be put in a vehicle with a man and taken to a remote location where she would then be killed.

The family has since received death threats, and the family has even received death death threats themselves.

The ordeal was not the only time the family faced threats.

In January 2017, they also had to remove an old family photo from their home in a way that was intended to be more discreet.

The photo was taken when the family was living in the Philippines, and it was later discovered that the man in the photo was a notorious gang member.

In March 2018, a Vietnamese man in a mask who is suspected of kidnapping Vietnamese girls was arrested after he was seen robbing and sexually assaulting a 14-year old Vietnamese girl in the parking lot of a restaurant in a small town in Pennsylvania.

A local sheriff and several FBI agents were involved in the investigation.

The suspect was charged with child abuse, criminal trespass and criminal sexual activity.

The FBI has also been actively investigating other similar cases of Vietnamese-Americans being kidnapped and trafficked to the United States.

In February 2019, a 19-yearold Vietnamese woman in Michigan was kidnapped while hitchhiking in Michigan.

Authorities said the girl was sexually abused and then taken to an unknown location.

The man arrested for the kidnapping, Anthony “Biggie” Rios, was a member of a criminal street gang, but he has since been arrested.

The victim, who is also an adult, is still in hospital.

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