When it comes to hairstyles, Vietnamese girl styles are pretty cool

TechCrunch is reporting that the country is home to the most Vietnamese-style hairstyles out there, and the trend has gotten a little out of hand over the past few years.

The news outlet said they’ve been getting reports of “hair extensions” being seen in the country since at least January of this year.

The most common hairstyle that comes to mind is the Vietnamese-themed “Bach Dhaan” hairstyle, which is a deep cut with a long side and short sides.

It has the same style as a bun hairstyle (which is actually a hair style in itself) but has a very short, wide, and flat side.

A more recent hairstyle seen on social media is a bang-cut, with a bang cut that goes down over the top.

Some people say that this style has been around for over a decade, but the reality is that it’s actually only been around since 2009.

The other popular hairstyle is a “shave” hairstylist style, in which the hair is cut short with short sides, and styled like a wig.

These hairstyles have also been around a few years, but have mostly been relegated to the internet.

There are a few other styles, like a bob hairstyle or a straight cut, that look similar to the bang-cuts, but are more formal, like “Bai Mai.”

These styles are a popular choice in Asia for people who want a more professional look.

In Vietnam, it’s usually a “Mai-style” haircut, in a style that looks more like a high-cut.

The news outlet also noted that there are several “Bhutan-style styles” and “Bosnian-style style” haircuts in the Vietnamese market.

For example, a hairstyle called “Nyam” (short hair) is popular in the Balkans and the Balkans is usually associated with the hairstyle “Boujang” (a haircut with long sides).

It’s also popular in China and the country has a large Asian community.

The Vietnamese hairstyle craze is something that is really unique in Asia, and it’s something that people are really getting to know about.

The style is pretty different than other Asian styles that are very stylized and have a lot of pomp and circumstance, and you can see a lot more of it in Vietnam.

Some of the Vietnamese hairstyles can be really long, but some are shorter, and are more of a straight-cut look.

You can see some of the popular hairstyles in the video above, which was taken by the Vogue Vietnamese Instagram account.

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