When it Comes to Sex, Women in Vietnam Can’t Stop Talking About Vicious Vixens

A Vietnamese girl who appeared on the cover of The New York Times magazine as a “sex goddess” with her bare breasts and legs was the subject of an online backlash from fans and critics who slammed the magazine for the “bizarre” depiction.

The article, which was published Sunday, was accompanied by a caption that read, “When a Vietnamese girl looks so good, it makes men want to fuck her too.”

“A woman with her body like this is a real sex goddess,” one fan wrote on Instagram.

“It makes us want to bang her.”

A Vietnamese woman on a boat in a boat trip, who spoke on condition of anonymity because she was not authorized to speak to the media.

In a statement on its website, Vice News said the article was “a bit of a fluke,” but the article’s caption was a reference to the photo’s “femme fatale” pose.

In addition to a description of the photo, the article also included a photo of the “sex doll” model wearing a bikini and a caption reading, “Sex dolls have always been a symbol of sexuality and power.”

It added that the image of the model “is just one of the many ways in which the VN style of sex can be very appealing to the modern woman.”

It noted that the photo was posted on Twitter by an account that “has been around for quite some time,” but that the “VN-style” image “is not an endorsement of the magazine or its editors.”

Vice’s statement said the “woman in the article” “is a virtual product of the VNDB (Vietnam Dong) [Vietnamese-born modeling agency] and the VNGB (Witong Bong) [Bengaluru-based modeling agency].”

The photo of Nguyen Thi Phuc, who also goes by the name of “Viettans of the World,” was widely shared on social media.

The caption of the image, which has been retweeted more than 8,700 times, reads: “A VNG girl is in the spotlight, so there’s a need for some sexy photos.

#bustinbodys #dong #bodyscorn.”

“I’m a woman and I’m happy with the image and the way I look,” she told VICE News in an interview.

“If it’s in a magazine, I’m not going to do it.

But if it’s on Instagram, then I’m going to share it because I want people to see me.

I don’t know why they took it out of context, but they took my face out of the picture.”

In a blog post on Tuesday, Vice wrote that the company is “looking into” the photos, adding that it will continue to cover the “world of the models.”

“We’re sorry for any offence our readers have taken, and we will be investigating the issue,” Vice wrote.

In its own statement on Tuesday evening, Vice said the photos were “an unfortunate mix-up” and that it would review the content in the future.

“We are very disappointed to see this image used in a promotional campaign, and our team is looking into the matter,” the statement read.

“Our aim is to continue covering the world of the modeling world, so if we find that the content is misused, we will take appropriate steps to rectify it.”

In the same blog post, Vice noted that “VNG is one of our fastest-growing markets and our female talent has continued to rise as our women continue to grow.”

The VNG is the name for Vietnam, the country’s official language, and a former British colony.

Nguyen, a 29-year-old who works in the fashion industry, said she began modeling in 2011 after watching a YouTube video about the fashion show The Next Big Thing.

“I think I had some kind of interest, and I started modeling,” she said.

“There was a YouTube channel for girls to upload videos and show how they were doing it, and there were tons of pictures on there.

And it seemed to be a very young generation of women.”

“The most important thing is that we’re allowed to do what we want,” she added.

“The VNG [Voyager] is an extension of me.

It’s not about me, it’s about my daughter.”

“This is what makes me feel like I’m still alive, my daughter is still alive.”

When asked what kind of career she might pursue if she could afford to travel to China and go to work for the agency, Nguyen said she would consider that.

“This would be a dream come true,” she explained.

“China has a lot of good jobs.

They pay well, and it’s a good place to work.

I would love to be working for an agency in China, and work for an organization like VNG.”

The photo was not the first time Vice

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