Which girl is your favorite in the Vietnamese girl cartoon?

The Washington State Department of Health is taking a look at the sex life of children in the country, and has identified 17 million children in its ranks.

And it has a name for them: “vietnam girls.”

Here are the 17 million kids in the state’s sex-ed database, based on the number of cases in which they were identified:Vietnam’s child sex offenders registry, which includes the names of all registered sex offenders and the date they were last reported, is maintained by the state Department of Justice and is updated every six months.

This year, the database has over 2.5 million cases.

The state Department said that, since 2011, more than 5,500 children were identified as having been sexually abused, and that of those, nearly 1,500 had been identified as being in foster care.

The sex offenders register is a database of sex offenders who are currently serving prison terms.

The department said it doesn’t track where they are now, and its goal is to ensure that any remaining sex offenders will be removed from the registry, not re-identified.

But the database includes a large number of kids who are listed as being abused by older children, or older males who have been convicted of crimes.

This is particularly important because in Vietnam, the age of consent is 15.

The government has said that many of the children involved in these cases were between the ages of 14 and 18 at the time of their abuse.

The Washington Post obtained the database through the Freedom of Information Act, which allows public agencies to disclose any information they receive that could help in the fight against sex trafficking.

The sex offender registry is one of the few public agencies that has a database and can use it to track those who may have committed crimes.

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