Which of the Vietnamese Girls Draws the Best Drawings?

The Times has taken an unusual step by publishing a series of short reviews of the best drawings from Vietnam.

Vietnam’s most iconic figure, Chunky Vietnamese Girl, is an artist with a long history of drawing beautiful portraits of women and men, and she is considered a national treasure by many Vietnamese.

Chunky has been drawing for the Vietnamese government for more than 30 years and has made her mark on the art world with her illustrations of famous Vietnamese women.

Here are her top 10 favorites.1.

Chunky Vietnam Girl’s drawing of a mother with her young son is a classic drawing style.


Vong Nam’s most famous muralist, Tien Hoa, was inspired by Chunky’s drawings and made a series for the national museum.


Chunks Vongnam’s painting of a young Vietnamese girl, Chunk, has captivated Vietnamese artists for more years than anyone could have guessed.


In 2012, Chunks made a stunning mural depicting a young woman’s beauty and beauty of life that has been praised by many, including the artist himself.


Vang Nam’s muralist Chunk is an icon of the country, so Chunk’s drawing has inspired many to emulate her style. 


Vangs most famous drawing, a painting of the woman who is responsible for the birth of Vietnam’s first child, has been in use for over two decades and is the work of many people, including Vangnam himself.


Chumps drawings of the first and second daughters of Vietnam have been widely admired by Vietnamese people.


The artist Vang Viet Nam’s work is so beautiful that it is often considered to be the best painting in the country.


Vung Nam’s famous mural of a beautiful Vietnamese girl with her son is one of the most popular paintings in Vietnam.10.

Chunker Vang’s paintings of beautiful Vietnamese girls are among the best in the world.

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