Why did this vietnam girl’s anus get caught on camera?

Why did a vietnan american female get caught in a viral video?

That’s the question that some Vietnamese-Americans are asking, as they try to figure out why a female’s anus got caught on video.

In the video, a Vietnamese-American girl named Anh Phuc is caught in the act of removing a condom while in the shower, where the condom was partially torn.

The video then shows a police officer approaching the scene, asking Anh what happened.

“I think I just caught a cold,” she says, while the officer asks her if she is alright.

The officer then asks Anh if she has a boyfriend.

“No, I have no boyfriend, I am a virgin,” she replies.

Anh then tells the officer, “My boyfriend just came in.”

“Oh, he came in?” the officer says.

“Yeah,” Anh says.

The video then cuts to a woman in a bathtub, who is clearly naked.

Anh then shows the officer the condom.

The officer asks the woman what happened, to which she says “I don’t know.”

The officer asks, “So you didn’t know?”

“No,” she responds.

“He came in, and I just let him in.”

The video ends, and Anh walks away.

Her story is an open question.

However, she did not make it to a police station because she said she had nowhere to go, but was not a virgin, as her boyfriend was not there to ask for directions.

“There is a reason why the police were not called,” she told ABC News.

The police did not return ABC News’ requests for comment.ABC News’ Matt Lauer contributed to this report.

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