Why you should be wearing a bikini tattoo, but not a bikini in Vietnam

A tattoo in Vietnam is not an ordinary tattoo, it is a symbol of the nation.

Vietnam’s tattoo law prohibits the sale of tattoos on anyone under the age of 18, which means that most tattoos are for personal use only.

But there are exceptions, as tattoos for children are allowed in some places, and the tattoo law also protects young adults from being fined.

So, why do Vietnamese tattoos exist?

Vietnamese tattoo artists have a history of creating designs that are unique to their country.

They often take inspiration from the art of the Japanese and Chinese, and are often done with black ink or charcoal.

These tattoo designs often include a tattoo of a bird, a flower or an animal that represents one of the Vietnamese people.

Vet Nguyen, a tattoo artist in the city of Ho Chi Minh City, has a tattoo on his arm.

He is a Vietnam native and his designs have been around for decades.

He says that the tattoo has a unique meaning for him.

“I am Vietnamese, I love my country, and I love the people here, so I thought it would be a good idea to show it off to people,” he said.

He explains that he started tattooing when he was 16 years old, after he was arrested for stealing an art project.

The young artist says that he had no idea what it would take to create the designs.

“My parents told me to go out and find people who could do it, and there I was,” he recalled.

Nguyen has been tattooing for almost 15 years and says that it was the first time he was able to have tattoos done.

He has received numerous compliments and requests for the designs and now is hoping to expand the business into other areas.

His goal is to create as many designs as possible, but he says that not everyone is into tattoos and is still learning about tattooing.

“Some people think I am a bit of a weirdo, but I really like it.

It is a very special tattoo, and it is very cool to have something like that, and to see people like me,” he explained.

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