‘You can’t keep her in your house’: Vietnamese girl fights back after she says she was ‘slapped by a police officer’

VANGUARD VENOM, Vietnam — The girl who was beaten and thrown from a window of her house has now been awarded more than $1,000 in damages by a court in Vietnam.

Her lawyer told local media that the woman’s injuries were “unbearable” and that her lawyer was not satisfied with the compensation awarded to her.

The woman, identified only as C-K, was severely beaten after being stopped by a plainclothes police officer at her home in the city of Hanoi on Sept. 6.

She told police she had been drinking heavily, but she also told them that her husband was a suspect in the case.

“You can not keep her inside your house,” she told police, according to a police report.

“I don’t want to be in your home.

I want to go home and get help.”

The woman later told police that her injuries were so severe that she needed surgery and was not sure how long she would be hospitalized.

Her attorney, Nguyen Tuan Thanh, told local news station Vientiane that his client has not received any compensation from the Hanoin government.

“We are happy that she got compensation for her injuries,” he said.

“But we still want the government to make a better decision in future.”

The beating took place in the area of a street and a nearby church, where the woman had previously prayed.

It was one of several recent incidents of violence in the country.

On Sept. 9, a man was killed in the central city of Huong Tien by a man driving a pickup truck in the same area.

On March 15, a 19-year-old Vietnamese man was shot and killed by police in Hanoifan province.

Police have also been targeted in the past by people who have said they were angry at the government’s handling of the war on drugs.

The number of homicides in the Huanhwa province fell to 1,053 in 2016 from 2,878 in 2015.

Vietnam’s human rights commission says that between January 2016 and March 2017, the country experienced an increase of more than 30 percent in the number of murders.

But the number reported in the last six months is still lower than in the previous year.

A spokesman for the human rights office in Huanhu City told local radio station Radio Nhuan that there is no evidence that the city has seen an increase in the murder rate in the five months to March.

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